Service Blueprint (Using a touchscreen ID card device)

Service Blueprint (Using a touchscreen ID card device)


Reflections during blueprinting

Importance of the device?
– navigation around the physical space
– login to the digital system

Should we be questioning the need for the device, is it an unnecessary addition to the system?

Blueprinting demonstrated the fact that the links between each of the domains we were hoping to integrate (rewards, online and navigation) are very weak.

Is navigation of the physical space reason enough to necessitate a new device?
Looking at our key insights, possibly not. The simple interface online and the rewards system fulfill the brief we have and our aims for this project. Navigation of the physical space is generally fairly easy once you are familiar with the library and have been there a few times. The addition of clear and simple maps would suffice. These could be touch screen panels that are voice activated, or could also be static 2D images.



This is a cool example of how a system could be conveyed visually. so nice and simple

Mobile Library Guide

Some inspiration for concepts, try and think broad.

A digital library system is not limited to just being a portal and storage place for books. How can we integrate books and technology in a way that is complimentary, not a way of replacing?

Stakeholder Map

This stakeholder map shows some of the key relationships between the key stakeholders associated with the library. This is a useful tool as it acts as a visual reminder of who needs to be considered when designing our system. The negative relationships are things that would be good to work on and possibly resolve through the development of a better library product service system.

Woahley cow, virtual reality!

And here is a really awesome list of current trends in libraries.

Bit of further forecasting, some cool imagery

Historical Inspiration and more imagery

Cool new library

Another cool one

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