Reflections during blueprinting

Importance of the device?
– navigation around the physical space
– login to the digital system

Should we be questioning the need for the device, is it an unnecessary addition to the system?

Blueprinting demonstrated the fact that the links between each of the domains we were hoping to integrate (rewards, online and navigation) are very weak.

Is navigation of the physical space reason enough to necessitate a new device?
Looking at our key insights, possibly not. The simple interface online and the rewards system fulfill the brief we have and our aims for this project. Navigation of the physical space is generally fairly easy once you are familiar with the library and have been there a few times. The addition of clear and simple maps would suffice. These could be touch screen panels that are voice activated, or could also be static 2D images.



Here’s how this system works:
First, simple filtered search

you can get:

  • physical books
  • reports
  • e-books
  • lectures
  • notes

From each branches related to your keywords or titles, this digital system offers location of information, how will you get it, creditable reviews.  Also prepared for you in “APA reference format”


This system will keep growing with easy search data and making the society more involved keeping the information true

Our creative selection method – Cluedo Cards

Working from the Da Vinci method of breaking the system into design categories… We wanted to discover the best way to select what combinations work best.

Presenting: Cluedo Cards  – a fun method of selection.

Each group member picks and writes down on the cards ‘post-its’ one potential touch point within each system category – Put these into your own mystery envelope.  [Sgt. Grey + Knife + Studio] note: TOP SECRET

Each team member is designated a category:
Out of your massive list of ideas – limit it down to top 5  (or 3 to be selective)
Write those onto your cards and place onto the game board.


Prof. Plum

Mr. Green

Miss. Scarlett

Sgt. Grey

Col. Mustard



Candle Stick


Lead pipe






Billiard Room

Drawing room

Based on your detective skills (insights + research) take turns linking the pathways for a system journey between each touch point idea. Remove any ideas that were not used, add one additional touch point to the lists and repeat the linking step. Look at the trends that emerge of potential possibilities and combinations.

Analysis and talk over positive and negatives of the popular suspects…

Once discovered – check in with the mystery cards to see how it has changed and developed from your first selection.

WIN !!

Additional Reflection on Interview


  • Re-purpose space to individual study
  • Flexible user-focused
  • Collaborative space for nomads –> community members –> wider communities
  • Unaffiliated members ? –> entrepreneurial blended libraries
  • Learning analytic –> what users use –> map against student results (way to measure success)
  • Search systems – Have we lost serendipity  ?
  • Libraries are the heart of the university – cross discipline : cross learning, richer, exposed : on display (wider)
  • Respect/access/profile/knowledge/research/embodiment
  • AUT uses benchmarks + networks to link within wider library systems
  • Physical space – retain value
  • Way finding – lost physical = navigation to relevant resources (most potential area for improvement)
  • Services – face to face vs. activity – online  :: Goal = Getting services to support the growing trend of activity


Library Info

7 million  dollars for funding on libraries
Page Views 1.7mil / Turn Site 1.5mil

Workshop 650 groups

Research Consultation 3886

Help Desk 11,786

June 2018
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